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The largest state in Peninsular Malaysia is Pahang with a total area of 35,965 km2, occupying the massive basin of Pahang River. With Kuantan as its capital, Pahang is populated by 1.57 million people with majority Malay residents, followed by Chinese, Indians and other minority ethnic groups. “Darul Makmur”, the Arabic honorific name given to Pahang means “Abode of Tranquility”.

Under the East Coast Economic Region (ECER) project that covers the 3 states, namely Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan, and the district of Mersing in Johor, Pahang is positioned as a “Manufacturing & Logistics State” based on its resource base, existing economic activities, and strengths. In short, Pahang is being developed as the main industrial and logistics centre, focusing on resource-based manufacturing activities such as rubber based industries, wood based industries, non-food industries and halal food as well as the hub for automotive manufacturing, assembly and distribution.

2 other main sectors also being focused on under ECER are tourism, especially for ecotourism based on its natural wealth of flora and fauna, and agriculture with its areas of focus in Rompin, Pekan, Merchong, Chegar Perah, Kuantan and Muadzam Shah. To support the ECER project in Pahang, the state has been establishing several efforts in developing its infrastructure and transportation as well as its human capital including its education of engineering and technology-based sciences.  


Abundance of Natural Wealth & Ecotourism
Located at the East Coast of Malaysia, Pahang has an abundance of natural wealth that has made ecotourism successful. Its stretches of beautiful beaches, islands, and highlands have been the main attractions to the locals and also tourists from overseas.

Blessed with over 200 km of shoreline, Pahang is the ideal place for adventure and nature seekers who love the sunbathing, water sports and a relaxing escapade. Cherating (about 40 km north of Kuantan) is one of the famous destinations of Pahang that continues to attract many visitors owing to its gentle sandy beaches. Another perfect getaway will be the tear-shaped Tioman Island which is about 55 km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia that stretches 38 km long and about 19 km wide. Topped with the panoramic view from the twin peaks of Simukut Mountain, Tioman Island is also known as one of the top ten most beautiful island in the world. Teluk Chempedak Beach and Balok Beach are some other beautiful beaches that are worth visiting.

In addition, enjoying the scenery of an impressive mangrove forest reserve aged over 500 years old along the Kuantan River through a Kuantan River Cruise would be a real relaxing and fun experience.  
For those who enjoy the cooling breeze, refreshing air and splendid scenery of highlands, some of these destinations that they should not overlook include Cameron Highlands, Janda Baik, Bukit Tinggi and Fraser’s Hill.



Unique Arts, Crafts & Reminiscence of a Colourful Past
Kuantan, the state capital of Pahang, is now developed into a modern commercial centre. However, it still maintains its special ancient charms. The blend of high-rise buildings and pre-war shop lots and old buildings dated back to the colonial days gives Kuantan a unique charm. Besides Kuantan, the royal town of Pahang known as Pekan is also a place filled with the reminiscence of its colourful past. Some of the famous museums and art galleries include Sultan Abu Bakar State Museum, Watercraft and Boat Museum, Sungai Lembing Museum, Pulau Keladi Cultural Village, Museum Tokoh Pahang and Pahang Art Gallery. The Pahang Art Museum (Balai Seni Lukis Pahang) is also a hub that helps promote and develop the arts and crafts industries of Pahang. In addition, the Kompleks Tenun Pahang Diraja which is about 8 km away from Kuantan is another place to explore the traditional crafts of Pahang.



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