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Located off the coast of Borneo in East Malaysia is the Labuan Federal Territory with Victoria as its capital. Labuan comprises the Labuan Island and 6 smaller islands, namely Kuraman, Daat, Rusukan Besar, Rusukan Kecil, Papan, Mayat and Burung. Labuan covers an area of 91.64 km² and is populated by about 100,000 people. Despite its rather small area, Labuan has become the jurisdiction of choice for high net-worth individuals and businesses investors. Since 1990, it is known to be an International Business and Financial Centre and is where over 300 financial institutions from more than 90 countries were established.


Relaxing Retreat at Award Winning Beaches
There are several beautiful beaches in Labuan such as the Batu Manikar Beach, Pancur Hitam Beach and Layang-Layang Beach. These beaches including the Pancur Hitam Beach had won the United Nation COBSEA Clean Beach Award 2008. From savouring local delicacies to various recreational activities, Pancur Hitam Beach is an ideal destination for a relaxing retreat.  


Duty Free Shopping Spree
Tourist who stay for 24 hours or more are entitled for tax exemption (with a certain amount limit for each category) when they shop for items such as chocolates, wine, spirit or malt liquor, tobacco, talc, soaps, clothing apparel, footwear, small portable battery operated electrical gadgets for personal care, souvenirs and gifts.

Marine Museum
Forming part of the Labuan International Water Sports Complex is the Marine Museum, where 16 galleries are located. These galleries introduce the marine life around Labuan and Borneo and the best of all, admission is free of charge. 

The Chimney
Another point of interest in Labuan is the Chimney, an archaeological mystery which is believed to have belonged to the coal mining days in Labuan. Built from bricks brought from England, about 23,000 of them were used to construct the Chimney of 106 foot high. And next to the Chimney is a display on Coal Mining.

The Labuan Clock Tower
For those who are interested in historical structures, you may visit the Labuan Clock Tower, one of the four standing structures that survived World War II. It is an exact replica of the original clock tower which was built in 1906.


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