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Kedah, also known in its Arabic honorific as “Darul Aman” which means “Abode of Peace” is located in the northwest of Peninsular Malaysia. With Alor Setar as its state capital, Kedah is populated by 2.01 million people, comprising an area of 9,425 km2. And Anak Bukit is where its royal seat located. It is also well-known as “Jelapang Padi” which literary means “Rice Bowl” as it is the state that produces approximately half of the total rice production of Malaysia. Stretched across Kedah’s mainland area where the flat terrain lies are numerous vast paddy fields.

Besides the abundance of nature such as beautiful, exotic islands and magnificent mountains, Kedah is also a land filled with rich historical culture, traditions as well as local myths and legends, making   tourism one of its important areas in its economy over the years. And Langkawi, an archipelago comprising over 90 islands, is an ideal destination where one gets to see the blend of all its colourful history, culture, local myths and beautiful panoramic view of nature.     


Colourful History, Traditions & Local Myths
Pulau Langkawi is famous for its local myths and legends and was accorded as the Global Geopark status by UNESCO in 2007. It is also a popular duty-free destination. One of its most famous local legends is Mahsuri, a beautiful and kind-hearted woman who was falsely accused of adultery and was sentenced to death without a trial. Before her death, she cast a curse on the island; that Langkawi would not experience any peace or prosperity for seven generations. As unbelievable as it may sound, it was only towards the end of the seventh generation that Langkawi became a popular travel destination, attracting a various development projects. To honour Mahsuri, Makam Mahsuri (a mausoleum) was built on Pulau Langkawi.

Other interesting places in Langkawi that are filled with their own local myths and legends are Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells) where its waterfall flow down the slopes of the Matchinchang range in seven pools, Summer Palace Langkawi, Legend Park Oriental Village, Langkawi Crocodile Farm, Langkawi Bird Paradise, Gua Kelawar (Cave of Bats), Kilim River cruise and many more.


Traditional Arts & Crafts
Kedah is also well-known for its traditional arts and crafts. For instance, the privately owned batik showroom and art gallery, Batik Art Village, located at Padang Mat Sirat, the Kampung Buku Malaysia (the only Book Village in Southeast Asia) which is part of the International Book Villages and Book Towns movements, are some places that books and crafts enthusiasts should not overlook. Kompleks Budaya Kraf Langkawi (Langkawi Crafts Complex) near Teluk Yu is also an ideal place to buy handicrafts from all over Malaysia — a good place to get your family and friends some memorable souvenirs. 

Fabulous Islands & Beaches
The famous archipelago, Langkawi, comprising of over 90 islands has some of the most beautiful beaches on the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Some of the highly recommended beaches with fine sandy beach and crystal clear water such as Cenang Beach, Tengah Beach, Tanjung Rhu, Burau Bay and Pasir Tengkorak Beach are ideal destinations for those who enjoy a relaxing getaway with plenty of sunbathing, swimming, or other water activities such as snorkelling. Another legendary island that is worth visiting is the Pulau Dayang Bunting (Island of Expecting Maiden) which is located off the Kedah’s mainland.

Datai Bay Golf Club – A Golfing Paradise!
Datai Bay is a perfect destination for golfers who prefer more privacy as it is an exclusive beach for guests of the 2 luxury resorts, namely The Andaman and The Datai Langkawi. Its location in the northwest area of Langkawi which is more secluded than other bays with its surrounding of lush rainforest are the best setting for a more tranquil golfing experience.


Magnificent Mountains, Waterfalls & Hot Springs
Gunung Jerai (1,200 m), also known as Kedah Peak provides a spectacular view of the paddy fields spread out below it. It is a highly recommended tourist spot for its beautiful scenery. Also within its close proximity is a magnificent waterfall with a short hike leading to it. Gunung Raya (881 m above sea level), the highest mountain in Langkawi, is also another magnificent mountain that nature lovers should not overlook.

For those who love waterfalls and hot springs, ideal places to visit in Kedah are the Air Hangat Village (Hot Spring Village) and Baling. Located in Bukit Hijau, is a beautiful waterfall and located about 20 km away from Baling is the famous Ulu Legong Hot Spring Recreational Centre. Another well-known spectacular waterfall is the Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells).


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