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Leaving your home come country where you have been brought up, a place that you have got so accustomed to along with the familiar faces of relatives and friends is never an easy decision to make. There will be lots of considerations and evaluations to make prior to your decision of relocating in a new country, whether it is for business and investment purposes or for a more relaxing retirement life, or both.

However, there are plenty reasons as to why more than 12,000 of foreigners choose Malaysia as their second home ever since the official launch of the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) project by the Malaysian Government several years ago. So what makes them choose Malaysia as their second home while there are more than a dozens of countries that could be their relocation alternatives?

To begin with, Malaysia has much more to offer in various aspects whether your objectives of relocation are based on business and investment grounds or an overall tranquil yet exciting lifestyle during your retirement years.

From its rapid economic growth, Malaysia continues to develop progressively in various aspects including its public infrastructures, education standards, real estate development, medical facilities, leisure and sports facilities, as well as rising business and investment potentials.

Let’s explore some of the top reasons of why you and your family should choose Malaysia as your second home.


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