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Travox MM2H Sdn. Bhd. is the one-stop immigration related solutions provider that caters for the needs of foreign nationals who decide to live in Malaysia with their family for purposes such as business venture, property investment opportunities, a relaxing and enjoyable retirement life and so forth.

In order to provide more focused and effective immigration related solutions to our clients, Travox MM2H Sdn. Bhd. was established as an extension of Travox Sdn. Bhd. which was initially formed in 2008 that offers a range of specialized professional services within a group of companies including immigration related services.

Headed by highly experienced and certified professionals, Travox MM2H Sdn. Bhd. is now able to offer an all-inclusive immigration services which are market-driven and affordable at a more efficient pace.


In addition to its competencies and strategic partnerships, one of Travox MM2H Sdn. Bhd. strengths attributed to its continuously growing customer base is its people. We have a solid team comprising the sales and marketing team, administration and processing staffs whom are led by insightful and high-performing individuals.

Marketing Director, Cheong Mang Him
Commonly known as Erick Cheong among his colleagues and business associates, he is a qualified marketing professional who has worked for several major corporations in Malaysia before embarking into the manpower consulting business. He has ventured into the manpower supply and consulting business since 2000 and has remained as a serious player in the business having provided his services to a host of local and multi-national companies.

On top of that, Erick Cheong also acts as a consultant to many up and coming companies and will continue to provide his value-added services to companies that are lacking in technical expertise, particularly in managing their labour requirements and resources.

By positioning himself at the business forefront and leveraging on his expertise in marketing, Erick Cheong has carefully nurtured the service nature of the business which remains as the cornerstone of Travox MM2H Sdn. Bhd. that leads to continuous development of a solid loyal customer base to-date. With such extensive credentials, Erick Cheong leads and oversees the entire management team of Travox MM2H Sdn. Bhd., aiming to take it to a greater height while sustaining its smooth operation at all times.

Marketing Director, Wong Lit Yong
Wong Lit Yong or commonly addressed by his colleagues and business partners as Lit Yong, is a graduate in marketing who has worked for a major local corporation where he has honed his marketing skills before venturing into manpower supply and consulting business. His initial venture into the manpower supply and consulting business was by accident but it has proved to be a fruitful venture for him thus far.

Having entered this business in 2000, Lit Yong is very well-versed with all the legislative requirements for manpower supply in Malaysia. He specializes in marketing the services of our company and has continued to obtain a good track record to-date.

With his multi-faceted experiences in the industry, Lit Yong further adds value for our clients by providing his consultation in areas such as recruitment, management of welfare and post-employment related services while developing new markets. Lit Yong will be responsible for the Chinese and Korean markets due to his proficiency in both languages.

Finance Director, Tung Kooi Wah
Tung Kooi Wah is a professional graduate in accounting. He acts as the Finance Director of Travox MM2H Sdn. Bhd., managing the entire accounting and financial division of the company.

His responsibility does not encompass financial and administrative duties alone but value-add in the form of providing advisory services to our clients, particularly on legal matters pertaining to employment issues.

He further displays his business acumen through his involvement in the business aspects of the company where he plays an important part in the marketing area as well.


With Travox MM2H, all you need are these 3 simple steps to apply for MM2H. Click here to apply!


Headed by highly experienced and certified professionals, TRAVOX MM2H offers comprehensive immigration services at an affordable and more efficient pace. Read more..


For quality assurance, we ensure every aspect of our services meet the required standards.
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